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Our staff our down to earth professionals who take great pride in our chartered accountancy status.

Nick Maher C.A, B.C.A, A.C.I.S.

Nick has spent most of his working life as a Chartered Accountant in Paraparaumu after initially working for commercial companies in Wellington, Auckland and London. His focus is to prepare financial reports and analysis that are meaningful and useful to the business owner.

Nick has learned from observation and from clients that there are a number of fundamental issues that those in business must keep in mind:

  • Know what you do not know! That is to acknowledge when you need help. This includes determining the taxation implications of your decisions.
  • It is the putting right that costs! Get things right the first time and you will save time and money down the track.
  • Cash is King! Live within your means.
  • Risk Management. Understand the risks associated with a course of action and the steps that can be taken to mitigate that risk.

Perhaps most of all
If you are spending many hours per week on or in your business you need to enjoy what you are doing.

To get in touch with Nick call (04) 902 6148 or send him an email

Jason Grimstrup C.A. BCom, DipGrad

Jason first attended University in Otago at age 30 with the aim of becoming a Chartered Accountant. With a wife and two young children Jason worked full time as well as studying full time to achieve this goal. Before that Jason worked in a variety of jobs in and around the Horowhenua/Manawatu area.

Jason started his career with one of the big four accounting firms, he benefited from great training and fantastic mentors and specialises in small to medium enterprises (SME’s).

Jason will ask lots of questions when you first meet him and offer many ideas. He offers the level of expertise you would expect from a larger firm but in a more personal and relaxed manner.

If you ask Jason where his strengths lie his response is “I like to view the business from all angles, not just from the shareholders view but also from the stakeholders view. To make a business really work you need to look at the full picture”.

Areas of Interest

  • Engineering/Manufacturing Firms
  • Ownership Structures
  • Asset protection & Trusts

Jason is married to Susan and has three children. His hobbies include staying fit, road trips, spending time with family and generally enjoying life on the Kapiti Coast.

To get in touch with Jason call (04) 902 6148 or send him an email

Toni McCarthy C.A., B.C.A., L.L.B.

Toni obtained a Law Degree from Victoria University of Wellington at the same time she was completing her Bachelor of Commerce and Administration. This means that she can offer you more than just tax advice.

From experience Toni has learnt that all contracts and legal documents should be tailored to your individual circumstances to ensure that you get the right outcome from a tax, cash and business perspective. Toni likes to help her clients understand what these documents mean and ensure that they are worded correctly before they sign.

Before joining Kennedy & Maher Toni worked for Audit New Zealand. The risk management skills that she learnt there can be applied to organisations of any size. Risk management is about preventing unnecessary setbacks; it is about thinking of things that could go wrong and then working out how you can mitigate those risks. Risk management is especially important for businesses in the start-up phase and those undergoing significant changes.

Toni likes to work in an environment where work-life balance is a reality so she is not usually in the office on a Friday. She is more likely to be riding her motorbikes and enjoying the other things that the Coast has on offer.

To get in touch with Toni call (04) 902 6148 or send her and email

Peter Kennedy C.A., A.C.I.S., N.Z.T.A.

Since founding the Firm 40 years ago Peter has gained a lot of experience in all manner of aspects relating to Chartered Accounting. Peter likes to get to know his clients on a personal basis, understand what they require of him and then adapt his approach to meet their needs.

It is important that clients understand the content of the financial statements we present and the advice we give. If they don’t we have failed. Over the years he has become a trusted advisor and has been appointed as a director, trustee, and power of attorney for many of his clients.

Peter has a special interest in Asset Protection involving company structures and trusts, estate planning and estate administration and has gained a level of satisfaction in seeing the results of his work in this area.

In his time in Kapiti Peter has been involved in numerous clubs and organisations mostly in an accounting capacity. He has been involved as Trustee in two Colleges and a Polytechnic, and is currently a Trustee of the Kapiti Retirement Trust.

He is an active Rotarian, plays golf (always working on that swing!) and is a long distance runner.

Married to Judith they have two adult children.

To get in touch with Peter call (04) 902 6148 or send him an email